Trying to start - help with data storage

Sorry about my poor english.

I’m try to use DHX Scheduler im my project in home. It’s a project to my wife reorganize her day.

I’m using IIS 7.5.7600.16385 on Windows 7.

I’m not a programer, and i do this in my save time like a hobby. Whith that in mind, my project run in classic asp and Access DB, because is the only language programing i know, and just a litle bit. I’m to old for new stuffs.

Again, sorry, but i haven’t any idea how this work for storage events… When i open, i can create new events, inclusive recurring events, and they are show. at here, OK.

But when i reload the page, the events simple are gone.

how i place my events in database?
is there any way toi storage events? I see it’s use a .json. How can i wrote in this file to storage, what is the format to store recurring events?

What i’m doing whrong??

I appreciate any kind of help.

Tks all

Marcelo Camisa

Hi @camisavp,

How to Start with dhtmlxScheduler - there are several guides which tell about basic Scheduler initialization on different server-side platforms to suit all tastes and preferences. You can choose one of them.

I advise you to follow the guide dhtmlxScheduler with PHP. There is also the special chapter on the recurring events.

tks for your time.

i will see this.