Tutorial Contact Manager

I have just installed the tutorial “Contact manager” and everything seems to work except when I try to edit a post in the right pane.
I click submit in the form but nothing happens.

What’s wrong?

Have you configured data base credentials?

Yes I hope so.
There is no problem when I use the input form from the toolbar and creates a new user.

You should add “onButtonClick” event to the “Submit” button:

contactForm.attachEvent(“onButtonClick”, function(name, command){

Thank you.
That solved my problem.

Where can I find the file “dhtmlx_tutorial” (data base) example used in the first steps?
Thank you.

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=tuto … htmlxstart
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=tuto … serverside

I am new to dhtmlx and i have downloaded the app but still unable to get this to work. I followed the tutorial and the downloaded the link in your response but still no luck. I am running hte index.html from disk and from a http server.

the following is the error i get in IE via a popup box:

Message from webpage

<?php require("../codebase/connector/form_connector.php"); $res=mysql_connect("localhost","root","root"); mysql_select_db("dhtmlx_tutorial"); $formConn = new FormConnector($res); $formConn->render_table("contacts","contact_id","fname,lname,phone_1,phone_2,email,homepage,skype"); ?>


Any ideas?

Be sure that you are using php capable web server.
Above error occurs if you are loading sample without web server, or web server does not support PHP