tutorial issues

here is code from the tutorial page: dhtmlx20_tutorial/index.html


function doOnLoad(){

myLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, “2U”, “dhx_blue”);

I get an error stating “dhtmlXLayoutObject is undefined”. 


where can I find a file with the complete code of an example?  I keep hitting roadblocks. The examples don’t work and now the tutorial does not work either…  ;o(





If you are using compiled dhtmlx.js - all necessary js files are included in it, just be sure that you are providing correct path to dhtmlx.js ( file can be taken from full suite package, both pro and standard )

I have placed all of the files in the same directory to make sure they are getting opened.

AJAX Application




Please, see comments here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … 97&a=18132