TV application

I am a programmer who works for a TV, my main job is developing/improving a newsroom computer system (NRCS). It is a PHP/MySQL application.

Let’s say we have a news story and we need to associate some video, audio or photo with it.

This is how it currently works:
User opens the “MODIFY” page for this certain news story. It is a simple form with textboxes, where user can change caption, intro, etc. Now, chosing video, audio or photo is also done by simple textboxes, (which is not really convinient). When a user wants to associate e.g. a video file with this news story, the user first opens a list of video files (which is a seperate webpage), he finds the desired video and writes down its ID (on a paper). Then he browses back to news story “MODIFY” webpage and types that ID into a textbox for video. That’s how the news story gets associated with this particular video file. The same practice is for the audio files and photos…

I would like to improve this, to skip this part with writing down the video ID and then going to another page and typing it into a textbox, etc… Perhaps, instead of the textbox we can put a link which will open a video list in window or frame within that same webpage, then user can find and choose a video from the list by clicking on it, and then the window/frame closes and returns the information to the parent webpage, etc…

Please give me an advice about which of your excellent tools would be the most appropriate for this.


It seems to me, that you can use some of our components (i.e
dhtmlxLayout … t/samples/
dhtmlxToolbar … r/samples/)