Two column in form with xml

Hi I’d like to place a link tag in a form.
I want this link on the right of an image like in picture

I thought I could place a New column after the image, but How can I do this with xml file ?
and after this two colum I would like to have only one column with the other items.

Any suggestion?

My xml file is this

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<item type="settings"  inputWidth="400"  position="label-left" labelWidth="150"/>

	<item type="label"  label="Descrizione attrezzatura"/>
	<item type="input"  label="Codice Interno" name="codice_interno" offsetLeft="15"/>
	<item type="input"  label="Descrizione bene" name="descrizione_bene" rows="2" offsetLeft="15"/>

	<item type="container" name="foto" offsetLeft="15" offsetTop="15"/>

	<item type="label"  label="Posizione attrezzatura"/>
	<item type="input"  label="Reparto / Stanza" name="reparto_stanza" offsetLeft="15"/>
	<item type="input"  label="Unità operativa" name="unita_operativa" rows="2" offsetLeft="15"/>

	<item type="label"  label="Dati Costruttore"/>
	<item type="input"  label="Costruttore" name="costruttore" offsetLeft="15"/>

    <item type="button" value="Submit"  offsetTop="15" />

Mybe I solved the problem
I used block tag

xml file

<item type="input"  label="Descrizione bene" name="descrizione_bene" rows="2" offsetLeft="15"/>
   <item type="block">
		<item type="container" name="foto" offsetTop="15" width="200"/>
		<item type="newcolumn"/>
		<item type="label"  label="Link" labelWidth="50" width="50"/>
<item type="label"  label="Posizione attrezzatura"/>

It’s ok but I’d like to reduce the margin space on the left of image

Sorry but now the problem is to create a link <a href …> tag inside the form. :frowning:
I use xml file to load option.
I think I have to use
But how can I use the template item with xml option file ??

Hello, netsam

function doLink(name, value) {
    var f = this.getForm();
    return '<a href="link.html">Click here</a>';
<item type="template" name="a" label="Today:" value="Hello" position="label-left" format="doLink"/>

Ok, thanks very much. It works.