Two consecutive events is showing together in iPad

I have an issue in iPad. It’s working fine in PC. I have 2 events in November 3rd :

  1. WO#590 : 9am - 11am
  2. WO#592 : 11am - 12.30pm
    In IPad it’s not differentiated, showing as one single event in week mode.

i think some of styles on the page increases the size of events, so they overlaps. E.g. WO#592 should end at 12:30 PM but visually it end near 1:30 PM

So the expected solution is to correct that styles, since the event size is expected to match it’s duration.
You can also add some kind of bordering, so overlapping events will be distinguishable. Note that if you define a ‘border’ property it will affect the overall width and height of the event boxes, since they uses a content-box sizing model. You can define a one pixel shadow, so it will look like a border and won’t affect sizing

.dhx_cal_event, .dhx_cal_event_line{ box-shadow: 0 0 1px 1px #ffffff; }

Issue resolved when bordering is done. Thank you for mentioning the styles on the page increases the size of events . I haven’t noticed that earlier.