Two CSS issues in Suite 6.4.4

In my project I use forms in modal windows for editind values in different grids. In Suite 6.4.4 z-index of Popup for modal Window is set to 2147483647:

.dhx_popup–window_modal {
z-index: 2147483647;

So, Form elements that have widgets in Popup with z-index 2147483645 (combo, datepicker and maybe others) are located behind a modal Window.

Second issue related to this CSS definition:

.dhx_window-content-without-header .dhx_layout-cell,
.dhx_window-content .dhx_layout-cell {
overflow-y: auto;

Since each Form’s field is enclosed in a separate Layout’s Cell and due to flexible nature on Cells, Form’s elements are compressed and have a scrollbar.

This snippet shows the issues and my workarounds:

And one more wish: it might be useful to introduce a new CSS class for forms inside a window and inside a tabbar (as discussed here) to redefine the behavior of Layout’s Cells in the cases.

Thank you for your post.
The problems are confirmed. we’ll try to fix in in the future updates.

We have fixed that porblem in the Suite 6.5.3