Two diffrent target container (&parent=)

Hi there,

i want to display more than one spreadsheet on the page.
This works so far, but both of the are displayed in the target container i adressed
at the end.

I have following div containers:

gridbox_0, gridbox_1, gridbox_2

echo '<script src="plugin/spreadsheet/codebase/spreadsheet.php?sheet=14&parent=gridbox_0&skin=dhx_web&math=true" ></script>'; echo '<script src="plugin/spreadsheet/codebase/spreadsheet.php?sheet=15&parent=gridbox_1&skin=dhx_web&math=true" ></script>'; echo '<script src="plugin/spreadsheet/codebase/spreadsheet.php?sheet=16&parent=gridbox_2&skin=dhx_web&math=true" ></script>';

This displays all sheets in gridbox_2 but i added sheet 14 in gridbox_0, sheet 15 in gridbox_1 and sheet 16 in gridbox_3.

If i do not use the last line of code (gridbox_2) then the first 2 sheets (14 & 15) are both displayed in gridbox_1.

Does anyone know how to use diffrent “parent” or containers for eacht sheet?

Best Regards