Two gantt chart's datas are merging

I have a page that contains two usercontrols .Each of them are having a Gantt chart.
When page renders, usercontrol1’s Gantt’s data is merged with usercontrol2’s data…

My Scenario is , I have 4 tasks in UC1 and 4 tasks in UC2.
when page renders uc1’s Gantt contains 8 tasks including UC2’s task and same happens UC2.

Kindly guide me…


Are you using “multiple gantts per page” feature ? … antts.html

Yes that is what i am looking for.
If i get pro license , can i get number of gantt’s per page?

can u give suggestions and licence details about the license?

So that i can buy…

You need the enterprise license to have such feature.
Enterprise edition allows to have as many gantts per page as necessary ( there is no limit )
In case of standard edition, you still can have multiple gantts, but you will need to use iframes for components isolation.

Thanks stani…

Hi i bought Enterprise license…
Its working in sample very well…
When i am using im my app, its showing “TypeError: this.$task_data is undefined”.

And filters are also not working…Its urgent…can u help me?

When i am using im my app, its showing “TypeError: this.$task_data is undefined”.

Be sure that gantt’s container does exist ( div with id divWBS and divPhases )
Also in your code I see two gantts that have init code against the same container


If they exists in the same time - they need to have separate html containers.

( by the way, you can open ticket at support system - )

as for data filtering, for second gantt you have

var wbsGantt_filter; function applyWBSFilter(item) { gantt_filter = item.value;
Most probably it need to be changed as

var wbsGantt_filter; function applyWBSFilter(item) { wbsGantt_filter= item.value;

Thanks stanislav…Its working…