Two grids into one tab

I’m using the pro v2.1 and I have the following question:

How to put two Grids, side by side, in one tab of a tabbar? The tabbar exist into a Layout cell.

Into the samples I found only " two Grids on the same page".

I put two divs into one div, the one of the Tab content, but failed to show the second Grid.

…and myTabbar.setContent(“tab1”, “DIV_TABBAR”);

Thanks in advance

In above code snippet you had a typo, it must be a
<div id=“A_GRID”>

Which sizes you have defined for div’s? By default they will use 100% as height, and as result top grid will take all available height.

Yes, my sample was wrong, but I think it needs some more styling…, in order to displayed properly, something like:  float:left

otherwise Grids displayed not side by side but the second grid after the first grid footer.

Ok, this is a CSS problem, and not of the Tabbar/grids modules.