two mach redords. what is the limit?


Now i have more than 5000 redords and it is going to be a lot more and many times appears the loadind error:

Error type: LoadXML
Description: Incorrect XML.

I try each 1000 records and it works ok.

There are a solution?

Sorry for my english.

Thank you.

There is no limitations on size of XML, but when you loading a lot of events at once it will take a lot of time to process.
You may consider to use dynamic loading mode.

As for XML error - the only reason why it can appear - some invalid output in XML.
Maybe you have some incorrectly encoded data, which is loaded only when you have 5000 records.

The records are in an Access DataBase and the language is Classic ASP. I use the scheduler.render_sql function.

All the records are ok because I have found in blocks of 1000 and it works fine.

I see that the error is with the character “Ñ”.

I put on every page this code:

Response.ContentType = “charset=utf-8”

I opened all the pages with notepad and I saved as UTF-8.

Once it works, then no. And then it works again. Once every other. And without changing anything.