Two .map files not in compiled codebase


I’m cleaning out our deployment package and removed the folder ‘sources’ from dhtmlx scheduler codebase folder that our project refers to.
Now, when loading a page where the scheduler is used, I get 404 errors on two files missing:

Surely it is a bug in the packaging of the scheduler that these two files are not among the compiled ones in ‘…/codebase/ext’ ?

Using scheduler 4.1.0 on Tomcat 6.0.32.


We will update the next package, map file will be moved next to compiled one. As for now, you can just remove a comment line at the end of .js files that contains reference to the map file.

Need to say, that error 404 will occur only if you are using dev tools, as browser will not try to load map files in normal mode.

Yes, I’m using dev tools most of the time - good to know the circumstances there, thanks!