Two new issues with Grid build v.1.5 build 80319 vs 71114

Build 80319 of the grid control introduced two bugs compared to build 71114:

On IE 6 & 7 when using enableAutoHeigth and enableAutoWidth scroll bars are appearing around the grid in some cases. On IE6 I have a horizontal scrollbar that can scroll left and right one pixel. On IE7 we are seeing a vertical and horizontal scrollbar, and the horizontal scrollbar can scroll the width of the vertical scrollbar. This does not appear around all grids, so it appears specific content is causing this (perhaps a rounding error on odd vs even dimensions?) It works properly under Firefox in all cases. If I add 2 to the width calculation code it fixes the problem when just a horizontal scroll bar appears. I have not tried to correct the height calculation yet.

The second issue is that custom handlers for link type cells are being ignored.


The code ‘MyRoutine(“stuff”)’ is not being embedded in the onClick handler.

With 80319 the following code is generated:

onclick="(isIE()?event:arguments[0]).cancelBubble = true;"

With 71114 the following correct code is generated:

onclick=’(isIE()?event:arguments[0]).cancelBubble = true;showExercises(“214882”, false, “all”)’

The issue with incorrect column widht in case of enableAutoWidth confirmed and fixed , please contact us directly if you need updated file.
( if you have some separate sample of problem - please send it as well, to be sure that its the same problem which was fixed )

>>The second issue is that custom handlers for link type cells are being ignored.

Actually this was not work in previous version as well, probably you were using some customized version of excell code.