Two 'problems' with a datagrid item

Good afternoon,

I’m building a webapplication, only small for now, to get common with your products. I’ve made a layout that contains a datagrid item. This is displayed. I’m filling it from a mysql database. Now I’ve to problems:

1. In firefox 3.5.3 only the headers are shown and no data is collected

2. In internet explorer 8.0.7100 data is filled but when I alter a column and click the refresh I see it isn’t stored in the database.

I think I’m missing something important here.

Can you help out?

Thanks in advance,

Edgar R. Koster

I’m filling it from a mysql database
Are you using dhtmlxConnectors or dhtmlxDataProcessor extensions?
1. Please provide us complete demo to reproduce this issue. Please find instructions how to create complete demo here … debug_mode