Two sub_row_grids on main row


My Grid is growing in the column direction :frowning: which is good and bad!

I like the column collapse but I’d like to have two subgrids on the same row. Each sub_row_grid has different columns. It’s working now with one sub_row_grid but when I have two the UI gets confused… when I expand the first one, then try to expand the second while the first is open they both close! Not only that the +/- states get screwed up. The fist sub_row_grid icon goes from “+” to “-” and the second stays “+” but both grids are gone!

I can live with one grid showing up at one time but I’ll have to manually close one sub_grid when the other is open… is that something I’ll have to do to work around this?

Any thoughts?

Wish there was an edit…

Meant to say when I expand the first one then expand the second they both close! Also the +/- icons are incorrect states for the columns I expanded.

Again, I can live with only one being open at the same time.

Unfortunately it is not available to have several subgrids in a single row.

That’s unfortunate, can you ask the developers if that is in the works for the next version? I don’t know all the internals but seems doable.

Also, while I’m nitpicking… I think column moving should not have been a feature unless you supported everything else that may go along with it: column spanning, collapsing, hiding, for ex.