Two way Sync with Google Calendar


I want to be able to do a two way sync with Google Calendar and Scheduler.

The reason is when one of our users adds an event to scheduler I want that event to show up on their iPhone or their Android phone with a reminder.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What I am doing now is I store all of Scheduler’s data in an MS SQL database table, then I have an .aspx page that is syncing with the google calendar API every 5 minutes. But my script sometimes misinterprets date/time and ends up moving my scheduled appointments around. (not good!)

Looking for a more solid solution (maybe my script stinks, and needs some expert help), or maybe there is a better solution.

Thanks for your ideas.


Ron Sell

I started re-writing my sync script from scratch today, spent 10 hours of hard focused coding, and my solution is working perfectly, I am syncing my database table to Google Calendar and I am also Syncing all the entries in Google Calendar back to my database table.

Then the data from my database table is being presented perfectly to the dhtmlxScheduler!

I am very happy about this.

So anytime I add a new event to dhtmlxScheduler, or to Google Calendar is is perfectly synced in both directions.

Also, If you move an appointment, or update any info on Google Calendar or in dhtmlxScheduler, it is synced perfectly as well!

Two Way Sync between Google Calendar and dhtmlxScheduler.

Now, my iPhone and Android Phone can sync with dhtmlxScheduler. If I add an appointment (event) to dhtmlxScheduler it shows up instantly to my mobile phone including 3 reminders, one at 1 hour, one at 15 minutes and one at the time of the appointment.

Sorry to be so long winded, just wanted to let you know that I came up with a solution to two way sync from Google Calendar and dhtmlxScheduler.

dhtmlxScheduler ROCKS!!! I love it so much. It works perfectly for our appointment scheduling app. Way better that using Google Cal because I have customized dhtmlxScheduler to store all the info I need for an appointment via custom forms.

If anyone is interested in how I did it, I guess you could Private Message me here.

Hello, Ron Sell.

I am very glad that you have achieved your desired functionality with dhtmlxScheduler. :slight_smile: If you wish it would be most helpful for us and future users if you write how have you implemented it (logic or even code). We could pin it as tutorial on forum.

Best regards,

Hi Ron Sell

Can you please explain how you have implemented 2 way in would be more helpful for me in my project.Can you please share your code.


if you use dhtmlxScheduler for ASP.NET, there is some built-in helpers for synchronization

However it has several drawbacks -

  • only supports full import/export, i.e. you can push or pull all events at once, but you can’t update particular event;
  • built on Google API v.2 which is currently deprecated.

We hope to release tutorial on two-way synchronization using Google API v.3, dhtmlxScheduler for ASP.NET in MVC5 application.
It may be released probably within nearest two weeks