TypeError: Cannot read property '!nativeeditor_status'

Getting following error in console.
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘!nativeeditor_status’ of undefined.
When try to edit/delete series this error occurred in console and event not delete while not reload whole page. Can someone help out why this error being received.

Check the response generated by server, it must be the valid XML.

Error like above can occurs if response is malformed or contains wrong sid|tid values.

Thanks for your reply.
But i am not able to figure out reason of problem. Sid ,tid how to check ? and is valid or not?
Find attached screen shot which show error in line no 2888.
Also find return xml of response.
Please suggest how to fix it ,it create other issues like some time event gets save in db but not load on screen.
xmldata.zip (1.22 KB)

Check the response of POST request in dev tools.
Response of each POST request ( each data saving ) must contain a valid XML, which will contain an action tag with tid and sid attributes.

sid is the id of the task on a client-side
tid is the is of task after saving in DB