TypeError: cellUpload.attachVault is not a function


I’m getting the error:
TypeError: cellUpload.attachVault is not a function.

This is the code for the attach:

// Upload var cellUpload = layoutDocument.cells('b'); cellUpload.setText('Seleazione file'); var iaVault = cellUpload.attachVault({ autoStart: false, uploadUrl: "php/upload_handler.php", // html4/html5 upload url swfPath: "dhxvault.swf", // path to flash uploader swfUrl: "php/upload_handler.php", // flash upload url slXap: "dhxvault.xap", // path to silverlight uploader slUrl: "http://localhost/baango/php/upload_handler.php" }); iaVault.setSkin('dhx_terrace'); iaVault.setStrings({ done: "Caricato", error: "Errore", btnAdd: "Aggiungi file", btnUpload: "Carica", btnClean: "Pulisci", btnCancel: "Annulla" }); iaVault.setFilesLimit(1);

Here is the include part:



I’m using the full standard package v3.6 and just downloaded the latest version of the vault from the public website, v22_std.

Can you help me understand what I’m missing?
Thanks in advance,


for 3.6 you need to use 2.1 vault. 2.2 is a special edition for 4.0 compat.


I just migrated the suite from 3.6 to 4 and the problem still exists.

Any particular/different includes order?

Thanks in advance,

Online demos works fine, for example
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxV … ayout.html

please send us direct link to your demo to support@dhtmlx.com


the problem was the order of the include.
As soon as I put the dhtmlxvault.js just after the dhtmlx.js the attachVault started to work.

Thanks for the support.