TypeError: this.callEvent is not a function

Hi. I am tring to set the plug-in up.
I get the list from Oracle database from Java application,
then convert this list to JSON format.
Now I need to show them as treeview.
I downloaded dhtmlxTree packages, imported, css and js files. then I added dhtmlxtree_json.js file for JSON support.
I use the function as
var tree = new dhtmlXTreeObject(“treeBox”,“100%”,“100%”,0);
tree.loadJSONObject(data.orgList, function(){alert(“loaded”)});
here data.orgList is my JSON object.

but when run the erro ocuured on the firebug console.
TypeError: this.callEvent is not a function

thanks in advance

Be sure that you use
If it will not fix the issue - please, attach completed demo to test the issue
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo

thanks. it was all about libraries. i imported them and solved.

You are welcome!