Typescript Definitons

There have been several posts and blogs about Typescript support (more specifically Angular 6+) however apart from a sample application in the forums that really is not ideal as this is not adhering to the usual angular cli setup and usage, there has been very little progress on updating your typings or libraries.

Can you please tell us if you intend to do this and if so when, and if you do not then at least we know.



Hi Greg,

We are working on Typescript definitions update, but unfortunately, I can’t specify the exact date when it will be ready.

Currently we try to find a solution for the case: there are many cases when the scheduler object needs new properties. For example when a user creates timeline view with the name “timeline2”. To add a label for the tab for this view, the user also need to declare a property -


We can not foresee all of these cases in the type definitions, that is one of the issues for us at present time.