UI bug


I encounter an issue with the scheduler’s rows on timeline view. Indeed they are not aligned on my 4k screen (Model: dell xps 15). Even on the demo (docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … lines.html), rows are not aligned on my browser (chrome, zoom : 100%).
Is that normal ?
There is another issue, some lines are missing on the calendar (month view).
Do you have any idea to help me fix this issue ?
In attachment two screen of what I see.




A possible reason is a page’s zoom level, but you wrote you have 100%.
If you zoom out the page, browser might not display some of 1px lines and the scale shift is appeared. Please check again the page in 100% (default) zoom, it should be displayed correctly.

Also you can try to remove the browser cache by ‘Ctrl+F5’.


Thanks for your reply, but unfortunally my zoom is at 100%. Look at my screenshot. Do you have any other ideas ?


my zoom is at 100%.

By any chance are you using zoom on OS level ( win10 allows to define custom zooming for the whole interface )

Two main reasons of such kind issues are zooming or css conflicts between scheduler.css and custom styles on the page.