UI configuration


I would like to be implemented functionality to be able to adjust the UI css settings.
For example every part of the grid (header, footer,rows) to be able to be manipulated via API.

Currently if i change the skin i can not adjust the padding between the layout and the attached grid to the cells. I can not change the colors of the tabs of a tabbar and all this kind of things make it very difficulty to cell my software that i am building with the dhtmx API.

Also when you have more complex content in grid header or you have multiple headers some of the skin draw vertical deviders, other dont. If i choose the skin that suits my need then i meet another problem - too much margins and paddings.

Thats why it would be great if the UI can be manipulated and adjusted via the init functions of the API.


Thank you for your post. Your request is sent to the developers team. It will be checked for the possibility to be included in the future versions if it is possible.