Unable to create links


  1. I am trying to update the dependent task if the parent task is updated.

so while it works fine when tasks are attached by “0”,“1” or “2” link types. But as soon as i attach the tasks with any type link first and then delete that link and then attach the tasks with type 2 link, then I am unable to create the link

Steps to reproduce the scenario:

  1. create 2 tasks.
  2. first attach the tasks with any type of link.
  3. delete the link.
  4. attach the tasks with a type 2 (End to End) link.

Notice it goes into infinite loop.


  1. Why is the start date of the parent is changing ? I have only modified the date of the child task, but the dates of the parent task are also changing would like to know the cause of this and does this happen in any other case too?

It has been resolved, thanks.