Unable to create new event for occupied time slot


Views: Unit, TimeLine, and Month

Reference: See image below

Library License: Commercial PRO


  • I have created an event for the date November 2 (FULL DAY/24 Hour) as shown in the image below.
  • now we need to create a second event for the same date.
  • After creating the first event there is no space left to click on that day … how to create a new event in this case?
  • is there any way to keep some blank space at the bottom of the box?

Note: Our client doesn’t want the PLUS button (Add Event Button at the bottom-right corner)

Any help is appreciated.


Hello @Demo_V_Suite,

I can’t say for sure without the exact example of your config, but the screenshot you sent looks like the timeline with event_dy: "full" parameter of the createTimelineView method:

You can change it to any value, so the event won’t occupy the full row:

If it’s not your case, could you please reproduce the issue in the following demo:
(open the demo => reproduce the issue on “HTML/CODE” tabs => click the “Share” button => send me the new link).

Kind regards,