Unable to enable tooltips - Property 'plugins' does not exist on type 'GanttStatic'

I’m working on a gantt application in Angular (not Angular JS), and we’re trying to enable tooltips for tasks. We’ve been getting this error “Property ‘plugins’ does not exist on type ‘GanttStatic’”. Any thoughts?

There are many reasons why something might go wrong, but it is hard to suggest what is the cause as I don’t see your code.
For example, you could add Gantt without types.

You can allow all types for Gantt:

declare let gantt: any;

Or import it with all types:

import { gantt } from 'dhtmlx-gantt';

Here is the ready Angular demo, and there is no such issue:

If that doesn’t help you, please send me a ready Angular demo, and I will check what might be wrong.