Unable to fetch all the milestones under a project


I am facing an issue where Gantt is showing 4 milestones out of 6 in few cases and in few cases it is bringing all the milestones.

Please help.


I’m sorry, but it is difficult to guess what the problem might be without an example where this can be reproduced.
I checked it with a simple example and everything seems to work. I uploaded a lot of milestones to Gantt. Look at the example in the snippet: https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/hzuxlx2n.
Please use or modify the snippet above, reproduce the issue there, click the save button and send the link to us.


Its not about adding milestones, I am already having fixed number of milestones under any particular project i.e. 7 in number but for few project it populates all 7 milestones and for few it populates 4 or 5 or 6.

So, any work solution for this.


Sorry, but I can’t reproduce the issue. Please send us code examples, screencasts, access to the demo, additional details.