Unable to insert data in to mysql using data proces in grid

Hi Team,

In dhtmlx grid i can populate the data from mysql db using data connector (Java).

i have added the add and remove button to the grid but when i add some data to the fields it not displayed in the database. When i hit the query in db i can see blank rows are added in the db without data.

could any one guide me how to add / delete /update data into mysql db and also provide me the link for downloading data processor files like update_all.jsp ?


Normally you need not do any special steps, if server side code configured correctly.

  • include connector.js on client side ( after dataprocessor )
  • init dataprocessor on client side
  • use render_table in connector ( complex code in render_sql may fail for saving operations )
    grid.zip (18 KB)

Thanks for your reply,

I have followed all the steps mentioned by u. I can able to make connection with database (Mysql).
I could retrieve data and display in grid table. i am using java for connection. i also added two buttons (add / remove) and i have init data-processor…

These are things that’s not working for me.

when i click on add button & filled with data > the database don’t update with data(shows blank rows).
when i click on remove button the blank row is not deleted from database.
could you tell me as there is file name called “update_all.php” is required for updating data into database? if yes, then how can i get same kind of file in jsp ?


Java samples is a part of java connector package
dhtmlx.com/x/download/regula … va_dvl.zip

If problem still occurs

  1. try to enable logging - it may provide some details
  2. if issue still occurs - please post used java file with connector configuration and html file with grid and dataprocessor initialization.

could you tell me as there is file name called “update_all.php” is required for updating data into database?
Nope, you need to init dataprocessor with same java url, which you have used in load command ( the single java class can be used for data generation and data saving )