unable to make view in visual designer

I was playing around with the visual designer, and was unable to make the view I want.

I’m trying to create something like this…

So I created a 3 cell vertical layout with a toolbar in the top and an empty center cell. I was unable to create the layout for the bottom cell which I’d like to include a textbox and button like the graphic above with a small button and the textbox filling the remainer of the space.

Is it possible to create a view like this in DHTMLX Touch?

Also when you click on the textbox and the keyboard appears, will it overlay the textbox on the bottom on android or iphone?

I’d like it to act like the standard android messaging app where the center cell will compress to fit the screen.

and an empty center cell
It must be a list i’m supppouse

I was unable to create the layout for the bottom cell
It will be form with textarea and button
Unfortunately, visual designer still not updated to latest version and there are a lot of functions which can be added only by manual coding ( we plan to release the final version of visual designer till the end of February )