Unable to perform mathematical calculations

I used the free version V2.0. dhtmlxgrid_math.js is downloaded on the Internet.

the page does not show,the following errors: like do not support this property or method and tips:“Error type: Configuration;Description:Incorrect cell type:math”

Code is as follows:


        Math calculations












Please make sure that you have specify the rigtht way to the dhtmlxgrid_math.js file and both dhtmlxgrid.js and dhtmlxgrid_math.js are from the same version. ( new version of grid uses different approach to math hooks, so it will not work with old extension )

Also, beware that dhtmxgrid.js and dhtmlxgrid_math.js need to be used from same version (there is significant difference in math handling between grid 1.5 and grid 1.6+ )