Unable to resize a parent task


I am using dhtmlx v7.1.4 PRO (angular and material skin).

In my gantt, I have the possibility to resize my tasks. However, when it comes to a parent task (task or project type), when I hover the mouse over a task, I do not have the ability to resize. I don’t understand why because my parent tasks are nevertheless editable (I can move them).

Do you know if there is an option that allows you to unlock this behavior or if this is related to a parameterization of my gantt ?

I use config.drag_resize and config.drag_project as well as autoschedule.

Thank you

solved : config.auto_types = false resolved the problem.

A project task is a task that starts, when its earliest child task starts, and ends, when its latest child ends. The difference between project and regular tasks is that the duration of a project task depends on its children and is changed respectively. The Project can’t be dragged, unless drag and drop is explicitly enabled via the drag_project config. And the projects can’t be resized, it’s a designed behavior.
You can check more information about projects at this article:
https://docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__task_types.html#projecttasks ;