Unable to save hidden value

I’m unable to save hidden values, can you please help.

My form connector script is:

<?php require_once('config.php'); require_once('connector/form_connector.php'); // sleep(1); $form = new FormConnector($conn, "MySQL"); $form->enable_log("log.txt",true); $form->render_table("memvote","mvid","memsid,profsid,vote"); ?>

and my form script is:

My log file reads:

Log started, 12/07/2015 01:44:16

DataProcessor object initialized
1436622096705_memsid =>
1436622096705_profsid =>
1436622096705_vote => 10
1436622096705_!nativeeditor_status => inserted
ids => 1436622096705

Row data [1436622096705]
memsid =>
profsid =>
vote => 10
!nativeeditor_status => inserted

INSERT INTO memvote(memsid,profsid,vote) VALUES (’’,’’,‘10’)

Edit operation finished
0 => action:inserted; sid:1436622096705; tid:4;

Done in 0.0011868476867676s

It saves the vote value but not the hidden fields. I’m using Pro version 4.1.1


Also by default radio button 1 is checked even though it’s not preset with checked: true.

I’ve added ‘, checked: false’ to the end of each radio item but radio 1 is still checked by default. how do I set all to checked:false?