Unable to scroll down to the bottom of the screen on smaller

We have our scheduler to show from 6am to midnight. On a large monitor (23") it shows the whole screen. On my laptop the screen is cut off from 10pm on in any view. Any idea how to change this?

Thank you in advanced for your time!!!


Are you using standard version of browser , on the laptop, or some mobile|netbook edition of browser ( or netbook edition of OS ) ?

The height of scheduler is defined in its html template. It has a 100% by default, which autosize it to the full screen. You can replace this with any hardcoded value in pixels. ( most probably , in your case , browser provides some huge value as 100% height, instead of visible height )

We have that set but we have determined that the problem is that we have added a header on top and that is what is cutting it off. Any ideas on how we can still have our header on there and it not cut the calendar off on the bottom?

Thank you in advance for the response!!!


In case of scheduler 2.2 you can try to use the next command

scheduler.xy.margin_top = 100; //100 - height of header