Unable to select texts in Dhtmlx scheduler


I am using DHTMLX Scheduler, and I am not able to select texts that are rendered.

For example, in the above snippet, I am able to select the “Date” rendered.

Also, I am using a text input element rendered inside this layout and I am unable to do “(cmd + ctrl) + A” to select the entire typed text as well. Is there a way to enable the selection?


The current behavior is part of the scheduler designed logic.
You can change it with the following code:

scheduler._obj.onselectstart=function(e){ return true; };

In this case, I strongly recommend it to test the scheduler functionality you are using, as this change may break some of it. For example, it will occur the text selecting, if you will drag the event to the scheduler edge.
Please check the example in the following snippet:


Thanks I will check and get back to you.