Unable to set image size


I’m thinking about buying this product, however I can’t seem to set the image size. I have read the docs and Knowledge Base, but none of the answers appear to work:

i) I have tried tree.setIconSize(19,19); , (and also tried supplying hte optional arguments) - this didn’t have any effect.

ii) I have tried changing the css, but this didn’t have an effect.

iii) I have tried:



None of these change the default size from 18px x 18px. Is this restricted functionality?


the tree.setIconSize(19,19) (PRO edition only) should be called before items are added (before xml loading if you use loadXML method).

Please, provide tree initialization code if the issue still occurs.

Thanks Alex, I don’t have the pro edition, are there any workarounds for the free version so we can fully evaluate the software before buying?

It might also be worth listing which functions are only available in the pro version in the documentation -  I see others have had similar issues.

It is possible to get the evaluation version. If you’re interested in it, please contact us at support@dhtmlx.com.