Unable to set property 'serverLists' of undefined or null re


I’m trying to deploy my local ASP.NET MVC test site with the Scheduler control to IIS 8, but I’m getting the following JavaScript error during runtime:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to set property 'serverLists' of undefined or null reference
For some reason the same line is executed in IIS Express locally and works:

scheduler.config.serverLists = {};

But when deployed on my server it doesn’t. Am I missing something here?

try redefining codebase path for DHXScheduler object Scheduler.Codebase = Url.Content("~/Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler"); does it makes any difference?

That doesn’t seem to make any difference (as I would expect, as it’s the default if I understand correctly). Any other suggestions?

Any other ideas Aliaksandr? Kind of stuck here…

Can you attach a small demo where i could test the problem?

I tried sending you a PM with the link, but it’s stuck in my Outbox for some reason. Have you received it?

If PM somehow doesn’t work - just send an email to the support@dhtmlx.com with demo link and reference to this post on the forum.

I couldn’t reproduce the problem with iis8,
please check whether the dhtmlxscheduler.js is loaded to the page or does it returns 404 or any other error