Unable to subload data in multicolumn combo from JSON source


I’m trying to populate multicolumn combo from json source. Can you help me please to understand, what am I doing wrong? Is the way to sub-load data from json not the same as with xml? I actually need same behaviour as in this sample shown, but from a JSON source:

The generated JSON is adapted to XML structure from sample above:


And like in example shown, I just use this line of code to populate data:

comboJSON.enableFilteringMode(true, "random_words.php?type=JSON", true, false);

Attaching adapted example (PHP is required). While XML loading works fine, JSON loading produces an error:
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘documentElement’ of nulll

Thank you!

p.s. we’re using / testing dhtmlxSuite 5.0.2 pro
combotest.7z (292 KB)

Unfortunately, dynamic loading works with XML only for now.
We will try to make this functionality JSON compatible in the next update

Thanks Stanislav