unable to use Scheduler with other DHTMLX products?

Hi All,

i created my own little enterprise app, so i can keep a track of my work, broadbands, etc…

i currently use the Suite and for some strange reason, i cant use the scheduler with any of it!

i create a menu, click option1, it creates a window then attach the scheduler inside, and that works fine :slight_smile:

however when i create the menu and click another option that say creates a window with a grid inside, it just throws a big error!!! and now all of my stuff stops working :frowning:

The error I get is below and inside the dhtmlxscheduler.js

TypeError: filePath.indexOf is not a function - line 199, col 20
filePath+=((filePath.indexOf("?") != -1) ? “&” : “?”)+“a_dhx_rSeed=”+(new Date()…

anybody have any ideas how to fix this or is it currently not possible to use the scheduler with other dhtmlx products?



currently the work of the component depends of order of including them on the page.
Attaching scheduler files after dhtmlx.js should solve the issue

Also, there is a known conflict of dhmtlxScheduler 4.1 with dhtmlxGrid. It will be fixed in the upcoming update (planned release date - 12th November). If you need it sooner - please open a ticket in a support system

Thank you for the update very quickly,

Its sod’s law My Main Product I use is the Grid, DOH!

I did already try re-ordering the scripts and that seem to make no difference…

I will just hang fire for now… 2 weeks wait, groan!