Uncaught Invalid XML data

i’m new to dhtmlx and codeigniter.
i followed the tutorial of gantt using codeigniter and download all package in the tutorial and work fine to read my data on mysql database.
but after i move dhtmlx gantt on my project theres no data show on my gantt, and after i check theres error Uncaught Invalid XML data. I already download new connector and still wont work. Can somebody help me?
Sorry for my bad english


Have you checked what data server returns to client. (Network tab in developer tools). It seems like there is some problem with getting data. Possibly you’ve forgotten to change some field names or server setting after moving to project. You could try to enable logging on server side to check problem source. docs.dhtmlx.com/connector__php__ … #enablelog

thx for your reply. i checked from my network tab theres error (Fatal error: Class ‘Dhtmlx\Connector\GanttConnector’ not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\project\application\controllers\Gantt.php on line 16) here’s my code

defined(‘BASEPATH’) OR exit(‘No direct script access allowed’);

use Dhtmlx\Connector\GanttConnector;

class Gantt extends CI_Controller {

public function index() {

public function data() {

    $gantt = new GanttConnector($this->db, "PHPCI");

can you help me to solved this problem?