Uncaught ReferenceError: dataProcessor is not defined

I’ve gotten a successful connection to my database considering that i’m not getting a nullpoint exception anymore but now i have a message from the dhtmlxconnector_debug that tells me at line 8:

Uncaught ReferenceError: dataProcessor is not defined, as seen below in the picture

Ive been racking my brain out on this and im sure its probably something that i’ve just overlooked.
Here is the code i’ve used to initialize the grid in the header:

i was hoping someone could offer some direction or advice to where i should be looking to fix this error. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thanks a bunch

Data now shows up in the grid, no data showing was due to the fact that the table_key in render_table was also listed as a table column and it cant be both. But the data still doesnt update in the database and i believe that has to do with the previous error im getting about the dataProcessor :cry:

Somehow i got rid of the dataProcessor not defined error which i believe just had to do with the order of the included scripts within the header. Although there are no errors the dataProcessor leaves me with a message:

It looks as if the parameters are coming across as null ??? :question:

After reading more on the GridConnector i noticed that you must have a table Identifier or else you wont be able to edit the data on server-side. I noticed there is also a KeyGridConnector for those tables which dont have an identifier(i.e. my situation) So i changed the GridConnector to KeyGridConnector but when i specify a column for the identifier field, i get a blank table with column names and no data. When i dont specify a column for the identfier, i get a populated grid but cant update. Since nobody was willing to help with my previous exceptions, i figured id at least post my findings so people dont end up with no help at all.

KeyGridConnector - Below doesnt show the table data within the grid

On the other hand, below works but cant be updated on the server-side.

This code doesnt work from the documentation

$grid = new KeyGridConnector($res);

Below doesnt work either.

If you want to render all fields from DB ( except of key field ), you can use simplified command:


From Stanislav’s response, Null values could be from .js files from different versions.