Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read poperty 'id' of undefined


I am getting an uncaught TypeError message trying to create recurring events with the lightbox. Anyone else encountered this issue? I have attached a snip of the error message. I do have custom properties that I added to the lightbox in addition to the recurring requirements.


I am however able to load recurring events from the database which display correctly. The recurring events are not saving correctly from the lightbox control.


Hi @fdeterss,
thank you for the attached images and clarification, I tried to reproduce the issue on the client-side but it seems to work properly:
Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine where the issue is without the sample. Please send me a standalone sample so that I can reproduce the issue locally.


I’ am not sure how to send anything here, other than attaching images.


Hi @fdeterss,

You can just left-click on a person name you want to send the archive or the link:

After that, you will be able to click the “message” button on the appeared popup:

After that you will see the window, where you can post some text, or link to the archive, or archive by itself: