Uncheck all custom checboxes

Hello Team,

I am using input tag(<input type=‘checkbox’) to create the checkboxes in the dhtmlx rows beside the text content. can anyone tell me how I can uncheck all these checkboxes at a time ?

I have tried using checkAll(false)method, but it is not working. currently i am using forEachRow method and checking all the rows. But i want to uncheck all these checboxes at a time, not one by one.

Please suggest,

Built in api will work only with “ch” column in grid ( which can be used instead of html checkboxes ) if you need to operate with all native checkboxes in grid, you can use something like

var checks = grid.objBox.getElementsByTagName("input"); for (var i=0; i<checks; i++) checks[i].checked = true;

unfortunately it is not working.
var checks = dsGrid.objBox.getElementsByTagName(“input”);
actually can you tell me what checks should give ?
– Thanks

Array of all checkboxes in the grid. ( html objects)
Please check the attached sample.
10_init_grid_xml.zip (1023 Bytes)