Undefined index when using set_image

I am using the TreeGridConnector, and I receive an error in my log files, everything seems to work fine though. Is there a solution?

[code]function beforeRender( $data ){

$currenttype = $data->get_value( 'type' );

// This line generates a DHTMLX connector error
$data->set_image( $currenttype . '.png' );


$treegrid->event->attach( ‘beforeRender’ , ‘beforeRender’ );
$treegrid->render_table( ‘tablename’ , ‘id’ , ‘name,status,item,guid,type,deleted,template,location’ , ‘’ , ‘parent’ );[/code]

The error states: Undefined index: name
In: \dhtmlx\dhtmlxConnector\codebase\grid_connector.php
Line: 68


Problem was confirmed and fixed.
Please try to update existing php file with the attached one
grid_connector_upd.zip (2.37 KB)

Works like a charm, thank you very much for the quick response!