Undock through a shortcut or UI item on same line as < / >

I checked the docking/undocking demo here:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxL … ndock.html

It has a dock button at the button. I really would not want to add any real-estate (an additional line with a button) to my complex layout.

Is there a way to rather be able to undock a cell by clicking on the cell and using a shortcut? Or better yet (but I’m dreaming) by clicking on some small icon next to the “<” on the top line of the cell?

Okay I added a button in the setText, something like:

cell.setText('Source Selector ');

I get the click event on the button, I then do



  1. The undocked cell is empty…while the docked one has a tree in it. Which made me think of a line I did not understand in the sample: “Note, to undock a cell you need to have dhtmlxWindows’s source files included on the page.” What does that mean? As far I know the containing HTML page includes the whole codebase (Product Name: dhtmlxSuite Version: 4.0.2 Edition: Professional )…

  2. This works a single time (may be a problem in my jquery catching the event).

Got that to work with the tree inside a cell.

But in fact my layout is more complex: the cell I want to undock contains a layout (“2E”) with the top being a tree and the bottom just a very simple viewer. When I try to undock that “2E” layout I get an empty undocked window instead of a tree on top and the viewer at the bottom of the undocked window.

Please, provide us completed demo to inspect it and we will try to suggest you the best way of implementation
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html
If you have PRO license - please, open ticket in support system