Unholy union of dhxScheduler, dhxWindow and dhxGrid :)


The vision:
From Scheduler, instead of lightbox, opens dhxWindow with some input fields and buttons.
dhxWindow opens then lightbox or another dhxWindow, with dhxGrid in it, depending on buttons pressed.

Use case: client scheduler, with client search option for booking an event. In some cases it is a simple event, without client information, and in some cases I would like to use dhxGrid to search in client info database.

Is this manageable and could you give me some hints, how to do this?

Thank you in advance.

It can be done without complex coding.

showLightbox method of scheduler can be overridden, and from it first dhtmlxWindow created.
Window supports modality so it can be show in their own modal layer, which is not related to the scheduler.

After that you can place any custom html form in the window, and attach onclick to the button to show different window with grid attached to it ( attachGrid of window will link grid directly to window ) , second window can be opened in modal mode as well, so user will need to select some record in grid to go back to the form.