Unicode problem. Japanese becomes unreadable

Dear DHTMLX team,
I have a problem that when I write HTML in my grid, it gets saved on the server like this: 画像アップローダー

The header has
AND my MYSQL fields are also in UTF-8, so I’m not sure what’s causing this. I think it’s a dhtmlx-grid problem.

The weirdest thing: Inside the dhtmlx-grid itself it shows as Japanese… However not when I use the db data in any other page without the dhtml-grid.
Any ideas?

I checked my connector.php file in the ‘network’ tab from devtools and it also says:
Content-Type:text/xml; charset=utf-8

Is there anywhere else I should check?
DB fields: UTF-8 √
HTML headers: UTF-8 √
connector.php: UTF-8 √

I just finished my app, but this is my final problem…
If someone could point me out where to look, that would be so great!

After Googling for 2 days now I’ve finally found the answer.
I assume that DHTMLX is using php-mod-mysql to connect to the database (hence the mysql_connect() function), since php-mod-mysql is the only extension I can think of that still trigger the problem TO THIS DAY.

To solve it, all you need to do is in your connector.php file add the line: mysql_query(“SET NAMES UTF8”); after the connection you make with the: mysql_connect();