Unicode value for DhtmlxForm select options.

I am developing a 2 language application English and Bengali , for Bengali i am using unicode , But when i am giving Unicode as value it’s not rendering , it’s coming as it is …

{text: “বাগনান”, value: “INDIA”},
{text: “বাগনান”, value: “JAPAN”}

in output it’s giving same Unicode , no rendering ,
But similar thing working in Grid , inside

<!CDATA[নতুনঅর্ডারএন্ট্রি]]> It's rendering absolutely ok ...

Are you loading data from a database ?
Are you using connector or a custom script ?
Which encoding are you using to store data in a DB ?

So far it look as you are storing in DB not real UTF but escaped data. Such entities as “&#2472” are escaped unicode chars. You need to store the actual not-escaped UTF in DB, or add a script which will unescape data before sending it to a client side.

Also, please be sure that all parts of your app are using UTF ( server side scripts and client side page )