Unit View Agenda templates

The Agenda view when using custom sections is different than the standard agenda. The template for agenda_text does not seem to effect the Agenda in unit view.


Is there a different syntax for the Unit View Agenda?


What do you mean by ‘Unit View Agenda’?
There is unit view and there is agenda view.
Agenda view uses it’s own templates and unit view - day/week templates (event_text, for example).

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Agenda view must always use agenda_text for events rendering.

If you have any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed - please provide a demo link or any other kind of sample.

I didn’t realize it but I am referring to the Week Agenda. This does not seem to be set by the scheduler.templates.agenda_text=function…

Is there a seperate one for the week agenda
I tried scheduler.templates.week_agenda_text but no success.

try to use