Unit view - All my bookings are in the same column

My stored procedure returns the following:
id varchar(20),
start_date datetime,
end_date datetime,
text varchar(200),
room_id int

My data action is as follows:

Public Function Data() As ContentResult
Dim MyEntities As New SQLEntities
Dim list As IEnumerable(Of SP_UNIT_VIEWS_Result)
list = MyEntities .SP_UNIT_VIEWS().ToList()
Dim dat As New SchedulerAjaxData(list)
Return dat
End Function

The columns are displaying correctly (key:int, label:'Room '+int)
and I have set the UnitsView to UnitsView(“unit”, “room_id”)


All entries are only showing in the first column (room 1).
Where do you map the data row to the dhtmlx column please?

Please provide a snippet of data, for which issue occurs.

I fixed this myself.
I had a separate function for adding columns as the UnitsView.AddOptions argument.
The function wasn’t returning an IEnumerable collection.