Unit view and multi day event

I have just figured that something is wrong with multi day event.
I put scheduler.config.multi_day = true; in my code and it works in week, month, and timeline view, but multi day event are not displayed in my unit view.
Is there anything I can do either to display the multi day bar as in the week view or to display event as a normal event in the unit view only. (I have seen that you have told somone about modifying is_one_day_event to return always true, Perhaps I can use a trick like this to test the unit view and return events as normal event for the unit view only. The only problem I have seen using this fonction is that the multi day event use the end hours of the end date as if it finihed the same day, so the display is not correct…)

I hope you can help me

but multi day event are not displayed in my unit view.
Check the attached sample.
Basically you need not any extra steps to have multi-day events in unit view, except of setting multi_day flag

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.
1297246326.zip (48 KB)

It works, the fact is that I have multiple unit in the scheduler and the multi day event was not in one of the ressource displayed, so the multi day bar was not visible. If I push the buttons to have my ressource displayed, the multi day bar (and the event) is then finally displayed…
Seem a bit strange to me but OK… Any way to force the diplay of the muldi day bar event event if not event are displayed ?

Can be done only by code modifications
Currently multi-day area occurs only if we have some event in current view ( if there are any multi-day events was rendered )