unit view : day for y-scale instead of hour


first, thx for this great tool !!!

I want to know if it’s possible to change the y-scale in day instead of hour. If it’s possible, someone can give me some coding direction ^^.


in fact, i want to manage 6 rooms (x_scale) by day for a month, so i want y_scale by day and not by hour.


If you want have to have 6 units (rooms) on the x scale and days on the y scale then unfortunately for now there is no way to do it.

There are 2 alternative options:

  1. Units view: x scale — units, y scale — hours (so schedule only for one day is displayed). Please check scheduler\samples\03_extensions\02_units_view.html sample.
  2. Timeline view: x scale — date units (configurable, could be hours, days, months), y scale — units. Please check scheduler\samples\06_timeline\02_lines.html sample. I also attached screenshot.

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So, i play a little with the timeline view :

  • x scale = 15 days
  • y scale = 6 units (rooms)
    you can see the file attached.

I have others questions but i will create a new post.